Who pays for the expense of handling my case?

Another good news is that under a contingency contract the attorney can choose to pay for your case expenses as well. Our contract allows us to pay for the expenses involved with your case and once we recover a settlement we will refund those expenses back to us from the settlement. What are the usual expenses involved with a personal injury case?

Personal Injury cases are really expensive in nature. The expenses are the money that the attorney gives to other facilities, entities, or government to obtain the information needed on properly handle your case. For example, the police department charges a fee to produce a copy of the police report, the video of the collision, and the police call log. The medical providers charge per page to produce your medical records.

The court charges a fee to file a lawsuit. There are additional expenses included but not limited to deposition fees, investigation fees, mediation fees, and etc… The best part about hiring our firm is that we process most of these requests digitally saving you money at every corner. For an instant, we request most of your medical records and bills in a digital format and pay a flat fee instead of per page charge. We make most communications through email and client portals to provide you quick access at a much cheaper rate. This makes us faster and a more affordable law firm of your choice.

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